Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bunny Madness....

Caro Babenco: "Oh look..I got seduced by the words..."I sold a bunny for 35K...'... plus a whole lot of other stats, spoken in dulcet tho business-like terms, by Cali, who has PAID for 3 Homestead sims from her bunny profits......"

...thus begins the tale of bunny obsession....

Caro Babenco: "It's hit ALL my obssessive buttons...Endless prowling of markets to get a fix (i.e. bargain bunny).. Spending LLs I had set aside for tier! (that bit should perhaps be anonymous :) )
....... Then there is the genetics..(melts on her keyboard)..I have this thing about numbers, orders, and punnet squares just turn me on! (drools)"

" I've been trying to mix and match breeds, work out how to get the best bunny for my buck (pun intended!) hehe...."

Well, they are apparently very popular with families who use SL, obviously, but for Caro....has this all got out of control..??

.....Are these the words of a true junkie???
" I did think I could control this tho... I was going to ONLY get Holland Lops, Havanas and maybe one other, and ONLY get features like gems and silky or rad furs, so I could breed them into lines.... But after a while, the others start appearing cute to you, and then u see Bargains..."

Caro Babenco: "I know some people who are 'rescuing' bunnies. The idea of unwanted, unloved bunnies has been too much for them, and they are finding them homes!"

Now, as this bunny business becomes a boom industry ( "I'm in 3 groups that are constantly spewing msgs - I mean one every 30 seconds. There are TONNES of people doing this..") one has to ask how many bunnies SL can take before this self-inflicted griefing sinks us all in fluffy bunny tails.

So, Caro Babenco, Bunny Mistress Extraordinaire, is the person to get more info if you feel this is something for you, just IM her, she's got 90 at the moment and they are

and, interestingly enough.... while LL messes up everyones SL experience with a stupid new viewer... they could maybe learn that a decent bunny may be the answer to the mass-population of SL.. ...turn SL into a FunnyFarm and thousands will sign up...

....just remember Australia, tho.....


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