Thursday, 10 July 2008

New products (july)

At last I got some butterflies, tricky little critters, and have them for sale in the shop with four different colous, and 6 prims.:))

And this is my 55th ancient one.... The Lavender Tree, she has a really lovely canopy, and is a stunner at night or against the backdrop of green canopies in a forest, 28 prims, and 24 of those are the canopy.... on sale in the shop from last night...

Well, I can't log on at the moment so...... Its Blender Time !!

This little blog.... called by someone " that boring little melodrama" hhehehehehe... is getting more popular! more people are reading my little musings each week, including the rich and famous...:))) over 3800 pages.... and 10% stay over an get out and build something..... hehehhe.... just kidding, its greta. Thanks for your interest. It is quite a good way to look at the trees tho, cos its getting a little crowded in the shop, looks like rain forest now....
Been visited by lots of Italian (and french) elves recently, they wont be reading this, but its kinda amusing... :)) can't say, like I did last year...I'm big in Japan....hehhehhee ... big in italy doesnt have the same ring to it....

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