Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Hmmm.....some strange sort of text keeps appearing just ignore it, maybe it will go away....looks kinda buggy.....


Well, seems like quite a few people are on SLbuzz and I just posted some old, and newer photos there, and will keep on doing so, I guess. I did have some at flikr but cant get back into my site because of my age....... seems like first time i logged on they wouldnt accept that I was 10 months old so I made up some birthday, and now I cant remember what my birthday was.....
Thats the trouble with lying........ you have to make notes......hehehehehe

Anyway the proper address is and its nice cos its for Slers although they do ask loads of questions.... silly your favorite (american spelling!!) celebrity!!! hehhehhee is that an oxymoron??


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