Friday, 2 November 2007


Why me......?? the whole island has been shot to pieces, cant even log 5 times I tried and then, when I did get in the were huge bits of Treeworks and the island missing.....????

Hmmmm. well, something is not well in SL tonight,....... I have a new tex I wanna try ou too.

Well, I went to a wedding, Eternal and Andromede, that was my first wedding, but not my last, cos Caro's getting married too....
I bought myself a cute little blue dress, quite proper and a little flirty, specially for the occasion....Will take a photo of it for the boys...:))

And well, apart from that i made a resolution to get out more, I've made some great trees but I've been neglecting my friends so.....must get out more...

I'm off to try agaion to get in......seems like my island is too holey to tp to......well, we'll see....

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