Friday, 12 September 2008

a slow week

yes, its been a slow week; last week was slow too....:)) spent far tooo much time this week trying to get a plot at Burning Life, yawn, this land grab thingy may be fine for people who have nothing better to do, but for me it is a real royal pain. Even last year when i got a plot thro the lottery I hated trying to go out and select one, ....all the plots are totally one piece of parched (dodgy tex) desert is exactly the same as any other. Why on earth they dont just give plots out is totally beyond me. Like anyone cares.....
It may be because they do that in RL, but Burning Man is totally different to Burning Life, from what i have understood. Building regulations (no mega prims), theme considerations (no houses), and PG considerations (no nipples),..... it reminds me of one of those beaches you can go to in "the civilized world" which have a list of stuff you cant do, greeting you as you get onto the beach.
Anyway, why fight for a piece of land big enough to put three trees on?? hmmmm, well, it all sounds a bit negative, I know, but I have not been enjoying the grab, as you may have guessed; so..... I am hoping to build with the Virtual Artist Alliance, on a communal plot.... could be lots of fun, even if it turns out to be Smouldering Life...:))
Will keep you informed...
on a positive note..... I have a new tree nearly finished and will upload a snap next time i write.


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