Thursday, 13 March 2008

Blender Videos for beginners

Well, I got sent to see the videos, on the recommendation of one who knows


and its true there are some very thorough videos there for beginners, (need a PC to view properly,) its just that I'm not very good with instructions, and I have a Mac, both of which contribute to me feeling like a completley bored plank of wood after about an hour.
I just figured its a long part of my life to devote to this stuff. Its not like I can't use Blender, its just that I dont know if i need to know that much.
I wanna drive my car without knowing the thermal expansion rate of petrol etc....
Anyway for complete beginners, its a great place to start and I shall go back there, when I have time, I still have tons to learn but I'm not really that sort of user.
I use my mouse for everything, cant remember all those geeky type hotkeys and shortcuts, and most of them dont work on a Mac anyway (the Blender ones) or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
Anyway, pretty busy at the moment, still waiting on Orange and have got another project to start soon, its still under wraps, will tell all when I get some cash....

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