Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Outage can cause outrage, well,.... irritation

Thats the way things have been the last month, all sorts of things stopping me from going online. I guess thats the nature of things... ... hmmm, pretty moronic philosophy, that. Oh well.

This is what the beach looks like now I've had a tidy round with the hoover. Much happier than I was with it, it was starting to look like a sculptie tip. Prim land fill.

This is the Christmas card I'm sending out this year, not in SL of course, and I made some presents too, so I've been pretty busy.

The complete morons who interviewed me last month haven't had the manners to tell me I haven't got the job.. . so I guess they wouldn't be good people to work for anyway, thats how I'm taking it anyway......hehehehe..
Still, plenty of people who need me for their gardens so I've not been twiddling my thumbs... Getting a bit fitter than I was in the summer as a consequence, so seems good all round.

Well, got more to do on the blender so better get to it........


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